Lesson Testimonials

I had been riding for over 9 years at Brampton stables and I can say I have never felt so welcomed and looked after in all those years. I am hoping to come back because it is a great place to escape to and relax from stress from everything else like work or school. I have never had such great instructors in every place I have gone too.

In summary this stables is the most friendly and safe place all the staff are kind and always able to answer any questions you have. The horses/ponies are well kept and they are suited for any type of rider beginners or experienced. The cafe is a lovely spot for parents or family members to go to while you have your lesson. Many thanks to Brampton stables for the rider I have become today and I have decided to take a career with riding because of how well I have been taught. 😊

Trinity Reilly

It was so good to be back! 🐴🐎

Kelly Bagshaw

Brampton is amazing place bc they are really nice and they have calm horses the cafe is nice for my mum and Dad to relax in the sun while I go horse riding and I am in the advanced class now and I get to learn how to canter it's so fun even though that was my experience for Brampton stables so I recommend
Going there because it's nice and amazing they have great calm horses and ponies for kids and adults. So go to Brampton stables
I was wondering if they do parties
P.s this is Danni
So if you've been to Brampton stables can u tell me if they do parties because I am thinking of having a party there so if u know tell me thank you.

Simon Hutchings

Great instructors and well organised. My daughter has been trying a few different stables, and today (Sunday 16th February) came away saying "Mummy, that lady was the best teacher I've ever had, because she was so much fun, I loved the fox and hound game we played, and she was very helpful"
I was also very impressed with her instruction. She really cared, gave great tips and focused on basis. Brilliant and thank you 😊

Sarah Chaloner

Thank you to everyone for yesterday it was great to see all the precautions you took to keep my daughter, me and yourselves safe during this awful time.

Richard Paterson

Nice friendly team who work at the site and horses are lovely...cant wait for it to reopen!

Alex Slater

Lovely place with good trainers in a very scenic setting and importantly amazing horses 🐎

Dawn Baliham

I've had many many lessons over the years including from professional trainers on my own horse and was really impressed by the way Charlie coped with three very different riders. We all had a great time. Super workout and stress relief. Thank you


I have been a client at Brampton Stables for many years and in that time I have seen it evolve from humble beginning to the vibrant, friendly and professional establishment that it has become now. The team at Brampton set high standards in everything that they do and look to ensure that the experience for every client is personal and tailored to individual needs, whether you ride once a week or want to train and achieve your aspirations.

The variety of horses and ponies cater for all abilities and the instructors take time and care to ensure that clients are matched to the horses and ponies closest to the current level of ability. The horses that you have the opportunity to ride changes as abilities improve. I have had the privilege to have had the combination of exceptional instruction and horses that have quality breeding which has really taken the feeling of achievement to a higher level.

The working unit has been created and nurtured by Jenny and Derick. It consists of exceptionally talented and creative instructors, dedicated students working towards professional qualifications and weekend staff . Everyone treats the equine residents with outstanding care and empathy. The animals (including the stable yard cat) receive constant individual care and attention, the welfare standards are second to none.

I summary the facilities are outstanding, the setting is stunning, the team is exceptional and the horses and ponies are superb. I simply love being at Brampton, I have tried other establishments but nothing has come close to the Brampton Stables experience.